Single-Asset Real Estate Investments

Tritower Financial Group creates an opportunity for investors who are seeking more focused and directed investments within real estate.


Tritower Financial Group creates a distinct investment vehicle that offers investors access to institutional quality commercial real estate investments that may otherwise only be available to larger, pooled-capital institutions.

Tritower’s single-asset investments provide a practical opportunity for investors who wish to allocate a portion of their investment portfolios to private real estate interests.

Alternative Investments in Real Estate that Seek to Provide:

  • Diversification Enables the use of real estate as a component of portfolio diversification
  • Income Potential Income-oriented properties that aim to generate quarterly dividends
  • Low Correlation Moderate volatility with low correlation to the broader public markets

Additional Benefits:

  • Flexible Diversification Build a personal real estate portfolio by choosing specific properties in which to invest
  • Simplicity The virtues of individual properties can be evaluated on their own merits
  • Potential Tax Advantages Investments typically generate tax-sheltered income. Also, dividends are reported on IRS Form 1099-DIV (not Schedule K-1)
  • Investing Through IRA Accounts Can be approved by certain custodians for inclusion in IRAs
  • Low Minimum Investment Low minimum investment threshold for personal investing by Accredited Individual Investors, Foundations, Trusts, Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, etc.