Trade Centre

Address 2600 Trade Centre Avenue & 2620 Trade Centre Avenue, Longmont, CO (Denver)
Property Type Two Office/Lab Buildings
Size 78,023 Square Feet
Primary Tenant Cambrex
Acquired December 7, 2018
Sold April 3, 2022
Syndicated December 14, 2018
Internal Rate of Return 23.6%
Average Annual Return 28.3%
Equity Multiple 1.9x
Highlights & Amenities:
  • A mission critical, state-of-the-art drug production facility containing pharmaceutical manufacturing, lab and office space
  • Tenant has invested over $15,000,000 or $192/SF since 2015 in the Property’s clean rooms, wet labs, walk-in stability chambers, laboratory grade HVAC, 50-gallon glass lined reactors, Hastelloy agitated filter dryers, purified water systems and back-up generators as well as a 20,000 square foot expansion of lab and office build-out upgrades