One Dulles Corridor

Address 10740 Parkridge Boulevard Reston, VA (Washington, DC)
Property Type One Office Building
Size 215,716 Square Feet
Primary Tenant Transaction Network Services Inc. (“TNS”)
Acquired July 21, 2021
Highlights & Amenities:
  • The Property consists of a 215,716 square foot, Class A, office building situated on 5.68 acres of land at 10740 Parkridge Boulevard and the 1.92 acre undeveloped land parcel adjacent to the Property at 10720 Parkridge Boulevard, Reston, Virginia.
  • One Dulles Corridor is located along the Dulles Toll Road which is known as the Dulles Technology Corridor and, due to local fiber-optic infrastructure, is home to the largest data center market in North America, handling an estimated 70% of global internet traffic.
  • The Property is only an approximately 15-minute drive from Dulles International Airport, and the nearby Fairfax County Parkway and Reston Parkway, providing convenient north-south access, making the Property an easier drive for most commuters than similar properties located in the nearby Tyson’s Corner suburb of Washington, DC.