Goddard Memorial Drive

Address 125 Goddard Memorial Drive Worcester, MA (Boston, MA)
Property Type One Warehouse/Distribution Facility
Size 176,000 Square Feet
Primary Tenant Amazon.com Services, LLC
Acquired December 23, 2021
Highlights & Amenities:
  • The Property consists of a 176,000 square-foot warehouse/distribution facility situated on 18.5 acres of land at 125 Goddard Memorial Drive in Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • The Property is currently 100% triple-net leased to Amazon.com Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Amazom.com, Inc., the global online retailer.
  • The Property will serve as a brand-new “Delivery Station” for Amazon, a “last-mile” logistics hub from which Amazon will deliver packages to customers and will be the first of two facilities planned for its newly established Worcester distribution hub.
  • The Tenant has completed over $20 million in tenant-funded customizations, improvements and upgrades such that everything aside from the building structure is entirely new.